Helping you solve complex accounting and financial reporting challenges

Companies are facing increased strain on their tax accounting and reporting professionals. Financial restatements, increased regulatory scrutiny over income tax disclosures and account balances, compressed close cycles, as well as new reporting considerations and standards have increased organizational needs for tax accounting.

With the increase in complexity of the business environment and transactions, financial reporting is becoming increasingly challenging. This challenge is amplified by the significant changes being envisaged in the financial reporting standards in many jurisdictions. Numerous companies are also seeking to improve their processes to achieve timely and accurate financial reporting.

​Whether you are implementing the latest accounting changes; dealing with complex business issues and capital markets transactions; managing your organization’s interest rate, foreign currency, and commodity risks; or working to meet regulatory or stakeholder expectations, we can help.

Let our experienced accountants take the hassle and legalities of accounting out of your hands. We offer our clients a highly regarded accounting firm that specializes in dealing with international investors. The principal of the organization has over 15 years of accounting and business management experience who also holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA). This combination of skills ensures you the highest level of knowledge, expertise, and experience. You could not be in better hands.

For business owners that need that additional help managing their financial assets we also offer the following:

  • Financial planning, forecasting, debt consolidation and refinancing
  • Estate planning (wills, living trusts, charitable trusts, etc.)
  • Establishing insurance (life, disability, health and dental, auto, home, renters, personal liability and worker’s compensation)
  • Bill payment
  • Pension and planned savings
  • Payroll
  • Accounting
  • Business and financial planning services

Are you an international company looking to grow into the United States?  Find out how we can help manage your company while you are in your home country.

Giving you the support you need with the tax authorities

Many tax departments are grappling with complex compliance and reporting requirements, complicated data manipulation and manual processes that create risk. Adding to these challenges are limited resources with the capacity to help with strategic tax planning, as well as a lack of collaboration with finance and other business functions. The result can be inefficiencies across the organization.

Our tax reporting and strategy practice helps tax departments take a closer look at their key assets, including people, processes, data and technology. You’ll see tax from a new angle so you can redesign, redefine and redeploy tax to be a strategic asset across the enterprise.

Tax reporting always has been a core competency within the Tax function. Previous efforts to enhance tax reporting processes by moving beyond spreadsheets and isolated solutions have resulted in noticeable improvements. But the current environment requires further action to bolster the efficiency and functionality of these processes to increase value and improve readiness.

Tax reporting processes must incorporate increased automation, better integrated data and processes, more analytic capabilities, technology-savvy tax professionals and solid internal controls. These improvements will enable the Tax function to deliver better quality output in less time, creating capacity to contribute more strategically to organizational decision-making.

As tax codes become increasingly complex and tax planning more controversial, we help companies to:

  • Reviewing rules relating to tax residency and non-residency
  • Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN)
  • Foreign Earned Income Exclusion
  • Foreign Tax Credit
  • Social Security/Medicare Tax and Self-Employment
  • Affordable Care Act and the International Taxpayer
  • Tax Treaties
  • Classification of Taxpayers
  • Tax Management and preparation