International Clients

Clients who are located overseas have been able to achieve international relationships with companies in the USA because of the broad scope of doorway services offered by Invictus Advisors. The end result is that investors on foreign soil who have aligned themselves with our company have enjoyed established businesses in America without traveling a single mile.

Invictus Advisors has a wealth of knowledge about the complications and requirements of doing business in the US. On their team are a host of savvy advisors who can offer assistance every step of the way. Three core services serve as a hallmark of Invictus Advisors:

  • Finance –  Let our experienced accountants take the hassle and legalities of accounting out of your hands.
  • Law Review  Our lawyers understand the increasingly complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws of this global economy.
  • Advising – Our Advisory teams use local and global knowledge to help you challenge conventions and introduce and deliver strategies that work specifically for you.

We are not a one-service-fits-all company. Instead we tailor and individualize every aspect of your business, ranging from assistance with establishing a right-fitting business structure to rendering tax advice. We never abandon our clients, but serve as a companion and source of support every step of the way. On board with our company is a team of trustworthy advisors, solid CPA’s and principled attorneys. Their assets of knowledge and bountiful skills are to the gain of clients worldwide. Invictus Advisors is committed to efficiency and effectiveness, and to engaging in best practices in the industry. Find out more about our commitment to our clients.

Our current portfolio includes international clients from:

Are you interested in opening a business and US Bank account from your home country?  Contact us to see how we can help you.


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